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8 Inch Chef Knife With a Birds Eye Maple Handle and a Aqua Blue Cubic Zirconia Decorative Ring


At Craftstone every time you design your own knives you create a unique and functional kitchen tool that enhances your daily food preparation. If you are looking for that perfect one of a kind gift to mark a special event or milestone and celebrate the people you love, Craftstone allows you to custom design knives with your choice of handle materials, decorative stones and engravings that allow you to personalize with your loved ones in mind.

Craftstone knives are created with finest attention to quality and craftmanship. the blades are made with superior German steel. The handles and other decorative features are made with the finest natural stone and wood.


Our blades are made of German 1.4116 Krupp forged Steel. This steel is known for its superior quality in Chef Knives. It has a hardness rating of 58 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. During manufacturing the blades undergo vacuum heat and tempering treatment, as well as a Cryogenic Hardening where the blades are cooled to approximately −185 °C (−301 °F) in liquid Nitrogen. These treatments give our blades the perfect mix of durability and edge retention, they are also easy to sharpen and have excellent resistance to oxidation.


Our handle materials are sourced from either natural stone: marble, granite and semi-precious or from hardwoods around the world. Due to the fact that each handle is made from natural materials they will all have a unique, one of a kind variation in their colors and patterns. The handles of our knives blend into the bolster of the blade, so that when you grip your handle you are also gripping the back of the blade with our comfortable ergonomic design.


All Craftstone Knives come with our brands signature colored faceted stone at the back of your knife. You can choose from either A beautiful cubic zirconia stone or a genuine precious or semi-precious stone.  You can add optional decorative rings between the handle and the blade made from your choice of brass, steel, semi-precious stones.  we also offer rings with engraved designs and set gemstones.  You can also custom engrave your blades with yours or a loved one’s name, or favourite expression. You can engrave designs from the Craftstone library of images, or a design that you have created or downloaded.


Due to the fact that our knives are custom made all sales are final.

However Craftstone Knives are fully guaranteed against defects in materials and / or craftsmanship for life. The warranty does not cover scratches, knife dulling and any damage to the knifes edge resulting from use other than the intended purpose of the item. If you feel your product qualifies for a refund please contact us and attach pictures of your knife.


Craftstone Knives offers a way to custom design your own taste into your kitchen knives to create superior quality, elegant, one of kind knives. We spend so much of our lives pouring love into the food we prepare, Craftstone Knives is a perfect way to complement our daily food preparing ritual. You can also share this gift with the people you love most. People are always looking for unique gift ideas. This personalized knife that you can design with that person in mind, is that perfect gift you have been searching for.

Set of 9 Craftstone Knives seen with Ancient Wood Grain Marble and Brass and Stainless Steel Decorative Rings