Community Donations

My name is Gabriel. I am the founder of Craftstone Knives. I have had the good fortune to travel the globe and discover many different cultures. One of the things traveling gave me was an awareness that there are many people that are less fortunate than those in affluent countries. Many people in the world have less, including an adequate supply of healthy food and clean drinking water. This is something that we can do our part to help. I have personally had the experience to look into the eyes of people who are malnourished and starving. This was a life changing experience.  Craftstone Knives is a start-up launched in 2019. A big part of our vision is to positively impact people’s lives. This vision is an integration of three important groups that make up our community:


When you design your unique Craftstone knives, you are giving a gift twice, once to yourself or loved ones and again to our Community Donation fund. Craftstone Knives will donate 5% of all net profits to charities committed to feeding hungry and under nourished people.  There are 4 different areas where Craftstone will support:

  • Feeding hungry people globally in times of crisis such as famine and natural disaster.
  • Feeding people who are homeless.
  • Working towards long term solutions to help communities grow healthy food and have water independence.
  • Educating people on the benefits of healthy food and good nutrition focusing on children and low income families.

We are seeking partnerships with existing organizations that work in these 4 areas to receive the benefits of our Community Donation Fund.  Stay tuned to updates on this page or sign up to our newsletter for announcements on our community donation partners.


We are 100% committed to offering equal opportunity to all our employees. all applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, veteran or disability status. We are also committed to paying a competitive starting wage, providing good benefits and rewarding our employee’s loyalty and performance. Craftstone knives will provide a healthy work environment where people feel valued and appreciated.


Our Craftstone Knives customer. when you design your unique Craftstone Knives for yourself, or as a gift. You are not only adding beautiful knives to your daily ritual of feeding yourself, your purchase will also positively impact your local and global community.


We use packaging that is recycled, recyclable and compostable and it is free of plastic and glue.