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Our most popular knife used for rocking cutting style often used by European Chefs
Japanese version of the chef’s knife. Santoku means “three virtues”, which are slicing, dicing, and mincing. Well designed for a chopping style of cutting, perfect for cutting thin precise cuts.
A larger Chef Knife for people who want a little more power in their knife. Great for cutting hard vegetables and meats.
The serrated teeth of this knife is designed to effortlessly cut through bread and pastries without squishing them.
This thin flexible blade is not only great for cutting Sushi it also is a great knife for cutting larger roasts
The perfect knife for carving roasts. It smaller size is also popular as a every day knife for general use.
One of our most popular knives due to its smaller size and light weight. The Utility Knife is like a mini Chef Knife
This thin flexible knife is great for deboning meats and filleting fish
A perfect knife for small cuts, peeling fruit and vegetables peeling fruit and vegetables as well as making garnishes.
This set includes:
8 Inch Chef Knife
7 Inch Utility
KnifePairing Knife
This set includes:
8 Inch Chef Knife
7 Inch Utility Knife
Pairing Knife
Santoku Knife
Bread Knife
This set includes all of our 9 Craftstone Knives Styles