Custom chef knives

My name is Gabriel. I am the founder of Craftstone Knives. I am also a chef with over 35 years experience. I have been fortunate to travel and discover many different cultures and see the rich selection of beautiful materials found worldwide.

Craftstone Knives materials are hand crafted from a selection of the finest materials from around the world. All our handles are made from only natural materials, such as imported and domestic Granite, Marbles and Hardwoods. Our Knife metal is from imported Germany Stainless steel. Our decorative rings and gemstones are a selection of beautiful precious and semi precious stones that really add a personal designer touch to your custom knives.

Craftstone Knives is a startup that was launched in 2018. A big part of our vision is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. This vision is an integration of two important groups that make up our community:


We are 100% committed to providing equal opportunity to all our employees. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, veteran or disability status.

We are also committed to paying a competitive starting wage, providing good benefits, and rewarding employee loyalty and performance.

Craftstone Knives will provide a healthy work environment where people feel valued and appreciated.


As a Craftstone Knives customer, when you design your unique Craftstone knives for yourself or as a gift, you are adding beautiful knives to your daily ritual of feeding yourself friends and family.


Craftstone knives are created with finest attention to quality and craftmanship.

The blades are made with superior German steel while the handles and other decorative features are made with the finest natural stone and wood.


Custom chef knives

Our blades are made of German 1.4116 Krupp forged Steel. This steel is known for its superior quality in Chef Knives. It has a hardness rating of 58 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale.

During manufacturing the blades undergo vacuum heat and tempering treatment, as well as a Cryogenic Hardening where the blades are cooled to approximately −185 °C (−301°F) in liquid Nitrogen.

These treatments give our blades the perfect mix of durability and edge retention, they are also easy to sharpen and have excellent resistance to oxidation.


Our handle materials are sourced from either natural stone: marble, granite and semi-precious or from hardwoods around the world.

Due to the fact that each handle is made from natural materials they will all have a unique, one of a kind variation in their colors and patterns.

The handles of our knives blend into the bolster of the blade, so that when you grip your handle you are also gripping the back of the blade with our comfortable ergonomic design.


All Craftstone knives come with our brands signature colored faceted stone at the back of your knife, as well as your choice of handle material.

You can choose from either a beautiful cubic zirconia stone or a genuine precious or semi-precious stone. You can add optional decorative rings between the handle and the blade made from your choice of brass, steel, semi-precious stones. We also offer rings with engraved designs and set gemstones.

You can also custom engrave your blades with yours or a loved one’s name, or favourite expression or your companies logo. You can also engrave designs from the Craftstone knives library of images, or a design that you have created or downloaded.

8 Inch Chef Knife With a Birds Eye Maple Handle and a Aqua Blue Cubic Zirconia Decorative Ring